Version 7 - How do I set up Conversation Groups?

NOTE: The Conversation Groups feature was added in Version 7.2 (August 2017)

Conversation Groups automates the selection of one or more users when composing a new Conversation. Conversations Groups are local, which means that each BlueNote user will need to create that client's Conversation Groups.

Groups Conversations will include the sender automatically, so the sender does not need to add their Client name to the Conversation group.

To program a Conversation Group, in BlueNote, choose Conversations > Groups. Click on a grey "Create Group" button to open up that button's editor. In the editor move the name of each Group Member from the left column to the right column. You can label the Group with a name under Group Name. Save when finished. 

To use a Group button, open up Conversations, tab from Users to Groups on the left-hand side, choose the Group you wish to have a Conversation with and begin typing your message in the box. You will see all of the recipients listed above the Group Message.

To edit an existing Group, right-click on the Group button name to open up the editor.