I have BlueNote Lights Version 6. How do I upgrade to Version 7?

BlueNote Communicator Lights Version 7 will migrate all of your original settings except for Quick Actions inside each light - these are now called BlueNotes and will need to be re-programmed in the new System Wide Changes BlueNotes tab. Other than this your workflow should not be affected by the update.

Because it's a new licensing platform, though, Version 6 and 7 are not compatible. You'll need to update every computer to Version 7 before they'll be able to communicate with each other. The good part is that it's a simple download as before; Version 7 will install over Version 6 and start looking for other Version 7 clients on your network automatically.

Download BlueNote Lights Version 7

We will also need to issue a new license key for the practice. You'll have 30 days to get the new key, so no rush, and it only needs to be entered at one computer to license all computers in the office.

When you're ready for your license key, send us a support request from any BlueNote Client (Menu > Help > Support > Contact Us) and we'll send you instructions for licensing or purchasing. We can also look up whether or not you're eligible for the upgrade to Version 7 for free. If you're outside of your original upgrade option window, click the link below to purchase an upgrade license:

BlueNote Lights Version 1-6 to Version 7 Upgrade

There's no obligation to purchase the upgrade even after you've tried it, but you will need to uninstall Version 7 and then reinstall Version 6 at each computer to restore the previous settings that you had before you upgraded. You can use the link below to revert back to your original settings.

Download and Reinstall Version 6

What's new in Version 7?

BlueNotes replace Quick Actions in the action window, which is each light's internal menu. There are now potentially 36 BlueNotes available per light instead of 6 Quick Actions. All BlueNotes can be assigned their own tone and popup color.

The updated Smart Device Notifications inside the Alert Manager makes it easy to send Light notifications to phones, watches, and other smart devices.

The Light Panel has been expanded from a 60 Light capacity to a 120 Light capacity.

Light Panels can be turned off entirely within Alert Zones so that work teams can separate their panels but can continue to communicate with all users in Conversations.

Conversations have been improved, and now include Groups, an Inbox, and previous Messages. Also, your Conversation name now appears on the outer button.

An active Light can be given a Priority from P1 to P3 to indicate urgency, or simply where to go or what to handle next. Priorities override time stamps.

Improved metrics: see the average time it takes to clear every light, every day.

Everything else! Improved Sequenced view, History, time to clear for popups, ability to right-click to clear from a popup, an update feed, and many other improvements. See all the latest updates in  News and Updates.