Version 7 - Can I change how long a light ages from green to orange to red?

By default, when a Light is activated it is Green, but then at 3 minutes it will change to Orange if it hasn't been cleared from the board. After it has been active for 10 minutes it will change color again, this time to Red.

If you want to increase or decrease any of these intervals, it will affect all computers so you will need to make the change in System Wide Changes.

Go to Menu>Preferences>Options. Then choose the Advanced tab and select the orange System Wide Changes button. You will be prompted to type the word "configure." The Configuration menu will appear. 

Highlight the Timers tab on the left; you should then be taken to this window:

The arrows are where you will increase or decrease the amount of time that all lights will stay each color.

Before you exit you will need to Publish your change. Go to the Publish tab in the Lights Configuration, click "Save and Publish Changes to all Clients" and then type the word "publish" to make the change.