Version 7.0-7.4 - How do I program email and text message alerts in earlier versions?

These instructions are for BlueNote Communicator Lights Version 7.4 and earlier. See the links at the bottom of this page for clients running Version 7.5 and later.
From an active light panel, go to Menu>Actions>Alert Manager>Email Alerts.
Toggle the Email alerts to On (Green). Messages can be either sent in an Email format or sent as a Text Message, so you will choose one or the other.

The user will add their phone number and choose their phone service provider. The message will have to be sent to a mail server, so the user will need to choose their email provider (icloud, yahoo, etc), and enter their user name and password. If it is a custom mail server they may have to look up their outgoing mail server settings (i.e. The reason it's a little complicated is because we don't host the servers ourselves. Add your email credentials and then press Save. You should see a Verified button appear to the right of Delete if everything was entered correctly.


Once you get the email alert set up at that workstation you can return to the Lights tab in the Alert Manager and turn the Email button green next to any of the Lights the user wishes to see on their phone or watch.  You can test if the notification is working by clicking the chosen Light(s) on the light panel. 

If you have multiple people who wish to get phone notifications each person will need to use a separate computer to save their settings. Also the computer will need to be turned on that day in order to send the notifications.

NOTE:  Each person uses a single computer to set up their notifications, so regardless of where it is activated from, if that light shows up on the light panel, the person will receive the correlated text message.