Version 7 - What are BlueNotes?

BlueNotes are add-ons to regular Lights. When you program a Light in the usual manner, it has a simple one-click process to activate. Watch the video below to compare a one-click Light with a Light that contains BlueNotes.


If you've programmed a Light to also contain BlueNote Tabs, you will have the ability to select additional pieces of information within the Light. This information can include text, a color tag (which will modify the color of the popup) and a custom tone.

Watch how three different BlueNotes are added to the same Light to modify it be:


When a Light with a BlueNote is activated, users will potentially hear two tones instead of a single one - the first is for the Light, the second for the BlueNote.

BlueNotes are designed to help reduce the number of redundant Lights on the panel. For instance, you can label a light "Room 3", then add BlueNotes inside the light for all the different providers that need to be called to that room instead of having a separate light for each provider (i.e. Room 3 call Provider 1, Room 3 call Provider 2 etc.).

Your default settings include four Lights (the exam rooms) that have been pre-programmed with a single BlueNote tab. When you click on these lights, the colon prompt causes the Action window to open and gives you the opportunity to add a BlueNote before posting the Light. If you also want to add typed information, you'll need to do that prior to choosing a BlueNote. Clicking a BlueNote causes the light to post immediately.

Programming BlueNotes in System Wide Changes

Go to Menu>Preferences>Options>Advanced and click the orange System Wide Changes button.
Type the word "configure" when prompted. This will open up your System Wide Changes menu.
Click the BlueNotes tab on the left-hand side of the menu. You'll see eight panels at the top of the screen. Each panel can contain up to nine BlueNotes. The first one has been programmed for you, as seen in the image below.

Click on an existing BlueNote to modify it, or go to panel 2 next to Exam Rooms and click on a blank BlueNote to begin filling in panel 2 with new BlueNotes.

Type in your new BlueNote text, or add a pre-defined text from the Examples button as shown. Also choose a Tone and a Color Tag, if you want. Be sure to Save the BlueNote before exiting the BlueNote editor.
Once you have edited your BlueNote Panels by adding the BlueNotes, be sure to name each tab. You can program a total of 72 BlueNotes (8 panels of 9 BlueNotes).
Go to the Light Panels tab, choose the Light where you want to add a BlueNote Panel and then highlight the BlueNote Panel within the Light editor to add it. If a colon does not currently exist on the light's text, click the  Prompted button to add a colon. You may add up to four BlueNote panels for each Light. Be sure to Save the Light before moving on to the next one.

You'll need to Publish your settings to save them. Go to the Publish tab, click " Save and Publish Changes to all Clients" and type Publish when prompted.

You'll now see multiple tabs in the Action Window when you click on a modified Light.

The video below also explains how to program BlueNotes.