Version 7 - How do I program and use Office Status?

Office Status is a system within BlueNote Communicator Lights that can be used to show the location and status of staff members throughout the practice. It can also be programmed to display whether or not a staff member is even in the practice, out to lunch, or on vacation. Another way to use Status is as a patient seating system, to show the presence of a patient within a specific room or even to move that patient from location to location.

By default Office Status is turned off, its button is inactive, and no names or locations are programmed.

• Go to Menu>Preferences>Options>Advanced>System Wide Changes and type "configure" then click the Office Status tab.

• Turn the Office Status to " On" and then click "Add Staff" to open an editing window. From here you will be able to add a Name (or Status), a Color, the Text Color, a Sorting Order. You will also be able to choose whether this Name or Status can be assigned to multiple locations at the same time. Press Save to exit the button editor. Repeat this with each staff member or status that you wish to add.

• Click on " Add Location/Status" to begin creating your locations and/or statuses. As with Staff, you will type the name of the location or status, select a Color background and Text Color, choose the Sorting order, and have the option of allowing duplicate Staff/Status. Press Save to exit the button editor. Repeat this with each location or status that you wish to add.

• You will need to Publish your Office Status before exiting out of System Wide Changes. Click the Publish tab, click "Save and Publish Changes to all Clients" then type the word "publish" when prompted.

Once you've turned on Office Status, you'll click the button to the right of the current Time and Date on the Light Panel to open up the window. On the right side of the window you'll see a list of the staff members' names. Choose a name, then the window will bring up the list of locations/statuses. Choose the Status, and the window will automatically display the Status staff member alongside the location and the time that the status was posted.

To modify a status, click on it to open its action window and type additional information and press Return to add it, Move the staff member to a different location, Close the action window, or Clear the status.

Watch the video below to see how to program and use Office Status.