Version 7 - Can I add patients to a virtual waiting room?

There's not a dedicated waiting room, per se, but the Office Status feature was designed so that you are able to use it as a virtual waiting room and patient seating system. You'll have to turn on Office Status in System-Wide Changes and program it before the Office Status button can become active. Here are the steps to program:

Go to Menu>Preferences>Options>Advanced>System Wide Changes and type "Configure" in the box to open up the System Wide Changes Menu.
Click the  Office Status tab and turn it to On.
In the "Add Staff" column, add as many Patient tabs as you have treatment rooms. You can also add the names of clinical staff if you'd like to post their locations in the practice as well. It's best to sort the Patients to the Top and providers to the Bottom. Save each tab once you've created it.
In the "Add Location/Status" column, add the name of your waiting room and your treatment rooms. Again, be sure to sort your Waiting Room to the "Top."
Be sure to  Publish the System Wide Changes to save them. If you exit out all your changes will be lost.

How to use

Once you have your Office Status set up, go to your Light Panel, find the date and click on the button to the right of the date. This should open up your Office Status.

  • Click on a Patient tab, then click on your Waiting or Reception room. This will create a Status and sound a tone.
  • Once you've created the Status on the left-hand side of the window, click on it to add the patient's name. Hit Return to add it. You'll hear a different tone.
  • To move the patient to a treatment room, click on the Patient status, choose Move and then choose the location where you wish to move them.

Watch the video below to see how to use Office Status as a patient seating system.