Version 7 - Are Tablets supported?

BlueNote Lights Version 7 is native to Windows only. Any Windows Tablet running Windows 7, 8.1 Pro or Windows 10 is supported. These devices will need to connect to your internal Wifi network. Many third party Windows tablets have limited usability with Windows so we currently only recommend the Windows Surface tablets at this time.

Tablets can be used anywhere you don't want a larger PC footprint, such as break rooms, sterilization areas, and even in surgical areas where a touch screen is preferred over a PC and a mouse. 

All tablets have limited battery life, so be sure that tablets can be plugged into a power source near where they will be mounted. Also, to prevent image burn-in the screen can be set to turn off after a certain time or set to a screensaver.

Other issues you may encounter with tablets are settings that disconnect the tablet from the network or settings that put the tablet to sleep so that it's not available to receive BlueNote data. Be sure that all of these settings in Windows are turned on.

If a wireless network is blocking BlueNote data from staying current on any tablets, see the Related Article below about using a Lights Gateway.