Version 6 - Register BlueNote Clients

× Discontinued Version 6

After you have purchased BlueNote Lights you will need to register all of your clients to keep them running after the trial has expired.

Click the Menu button then select Options. From the Options window choose the Registration tab and then Copy and Paste the registration information you received by email, then click Save. This computer should now be licensed, the next step will help you register all of the other BlueNote clients.
From the same BlueNote client, click Menu then select Options. From the Options window choose the Advanced tab and click the Advanced Registration button. This will re-open the Registration window with a new option. Check the box that says "Automatically register all clients in trial mode".
Close the options window and then click Menu, then Shutdown and restart BlueNote.
You can setup a few BlueNote clients in your practice to automatically register clients that are in a trial mode. Doing this on multiple BlueNote clients will help to make sure that future installations of BlueNote on new computers will automatically get registered and never enter a trial mode.