How do I turn off select tones and popups?

 Some of the Lights won’t be needed at one or more computers, so you’ll want to eliminate interruptions by turning the popup and audible alerts off. For instance, if you work in the business center of a practice you won’t necessarily need to know when a doctor is requesting a clinical task elsewhere in the office.

You’ll find the Alert Manager by clicking on Menu>Alert Manager. All of the lights available will be visible in one or more Light Panels. Alongside each light are buttons which indicate whether or not that light's Tone and/or Popup is active. By default all tones and popups are turned on as indicated in green. Click on each one to toggle their on/off status. They will turn red when turned off. The video below shows what happens when a popup and tone is turned off for a single Light.

Note: Alert Managers are local to each computer. Changing the settings will not affect how popups and tones appear on other computers.