Version 7 - BlueNote shows the Trial has expired

Have you already purchased, but don't have a license on one or more BlueNote clients? BlueNote has a built-in ability to automatically register new BlueNote clients as they are added to your network. Follow steps 3 & 4 under Registering BlueNote Clients from a BlueNote client that is already registered.

Please note that a these steps can only be performed from a BlueNote client that is already registered, and not the one being registered.

New trial expired?

If you are new to BlueNote Lights and the software expired the first time you ran it, then Windows did not have adequate permissions to start the trial properly. 


 If BlueNote is running, shut it down completely by choosing Menu > Shutdown.


 Locate the BlueNote icon on your desktop, right-click on it, and choose "Run As Administrator." The trial should set itself to 30 days and begin the trial countdown.

If this does not work, then it means that you will need a license to use BlueNote Lights past the trial period. Once the license is added to your network, all clients will receive the license and begin working again.