What happens when I activate a light?

The Light Panel is the core of BlueNote Communicator Lights. Since each computer has the exact same Light configuration, the Lights will appear in the same place at each workstation.

When you press a Light, it simply turns green to indicate it's on and the adjacent light blinks. This color will age from green to orange to red as time passes, to let everyone know that the Light has not been acknowledged by turning it back off.

Additionally, when a Light is activated, a customized tone will sound and a popup will appear on all other computers in the lower right-hand corner of the monitor. Watch the video below to see a Light Panel in action.

What happens when I activate a Light with a colon?

Lights that have a colon prompt will open the Actions window when you click on them. You can select the information you want before you Post.   The video below shows a few of these scenarios.

You'll notice that the popups are green by default, but will take on the color of their BlueNote or Light if a customized color has been designated.