Do you have any suggestions for programming Lights or BlueNotes?

Programming is the heart of getting BlueNote Communicator Lights just right for your needs. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you customize the software:

  • Do I need notifications for patient/client arrivals?
  • How is the schedule arranged: by provider or by treatment room? 
  • How many arrival buttons do I need?
  • How many treatment rooms do I have?
  • Do I need to call multiple clinicians into the treatment rooms?
  • Will I be sequencing a patient through a room? (vitals, interview, treatment, dismissal, etc.)
  • What other actions, like helping in the lab or the front desk, can be managed with a Light or a BlueNote? 
  • Should I program emergency lights?
  • Can I consolidate repetitive lights and make my Lightboard smaller?
  • Should I add a second/third/fourth panel to my Lightboard because we have a large practice and need more than 30 lights?

One way we have made it easy to get started is to initially program the Light panel with 14 generic Lights:

Lights with no colon are single-click. In other words, they are already complete actions so no information needs to be added before the light is activated. 

The four default Room lights appear with colons. The colon is a prompt for you to add more information. All default Room lights contain a single set of BlueNotes within each Light. Clicking on Room 1 opens the Action Window where you can view nine pre-programmed BlueNotes.

A BlueNote is add-on information that displays on an active Light along with the main Light name (in this instance, Room 1. This is what the Action Window looks like with the Default BlueNotes:

Another way we have tried to make it easier to program Lights is to provide examples for BlueNotes. You will find these by going to Menu>Preferences>Options>Advanced>System Wide Changes and typing "configure." Choose the BlueNotes tab, then click into a new or an existing BlueNote to bring up the BlueNote Editing window.

Don't know what to program? Watch the video below; it shows what you'll see when you click on the Examples button. Double-click on an Example to use it.

You'll notice that the words on the BlueNotes and Lights are important, but you may also want to depend on Color Tags and Tones to relay information as well. All of these can be chosen and configured in System Wide Changes for each Light and for each BlueNote.

You can create up to eight tabs of nine BlueNotes, so if you need one or two tabs for exam rooms, another one for patient arrivals, and a fourth tab for phone calls, you can choose single or multiple BlueNote tabs when programming each Light.

Need more inspiration? Here are some assorted Light configurations to help you with your ideas.

Yes, if you don't clear your lights, the Light Panel gets busy, quickly. :)

Each practice can have up to four panels. Here's a practice using two of them:

Clicking on the Op 3 example above brings up the Action window below, where you can see that four tabs (doctors, assistants, front, misc) have been programmed to add to the Op 3 light when prompted.

The lights below have been arranged and color-coded by provider:

You can also separate Lights per room: